Thursday, January 10, 2013

Step by step: Factory

This is a painting I did on my stream a bit over a month ago. 

It was painted in photoshop cs2 on a "standard" resolution of 3200x1966 pixels.

It took around 8-9 hours to finish. 


Added pipes etc to make eyes go to middle for the composition.

Changed the perspective slightly by selecting the whole image and using transform/distort.

Some details added by using a leafbrush.

Some textures thrown in and set to color dodge to create highlights and sharp detail.

Using "new values" to paint in more detail.

Pushing middleground and foreground away from eachother by adding atmosphere and things overlapping.

The woman was painted in early but wasn't something I had decided on keeping. In the last step I put her back in to get some story going on. Without her and the deer, it's pretty much just the environment and not much happening. 

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